VII. Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science
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Metacognition and Reasoning

21-23 May 2015

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It is our pleasure to invite you to the VII. Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science (DUCOG), on "Metacognition and Reasoning". The conference will take place on 21-23 May, 2015, in the Center for Advanced Studies of Dubrovnik, Croatia, located by the Adriatic sea at the foot of the old city of Dubrovnik (Croatia), a UNESCO world heritage site.

We're glad to announce our keynote speakers

Klaus Fiedler 
(Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg)

Metacognitive myopia - a major impediment of rational behavior

Asher Koriat
(University of Haifa)

How do we monitor the correctness of our knowledge and judgments? The bases and accuracy of subjective confidence

Joelle Proust
(Jean Nicod Institute, CNRS, Paris)

Metacognition from a dual-process viewpoint

Nicholas Shea 
(King's College London)

Metacognition of Concepts

Valerie Thompson 
(University of Saskatchewan)

Intuition, Analytic Thinking, and the Feeling of Rightness: A Metacognitive Reasoning Theory

Maggie Toplak 
(York University)

The development of rational thinking and decision making in children and youth

The conference will cover all areas of Cognitive Science, with a particular focus on 

  • metacognition
  • intuition and reflectivity
  • reasoning
  • decision making
  • epistemic feelings
  • metacognitive monitoring and control processes
  • individual differences in metacognition
  • heuristics and biases
  • meta-memory

We invite poster submissions from all areas of cognitive science.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Dubrovnik!

Balázs Aczél
Olivier Mascaro
Csaba Pléh
Nevena Padovan
Dora Kampis