XII. Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science: Cognitive and Functional Perspectives on Emotions

28-31 May 2020

It is our pleasure to invite you to the XII. Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science.
The conference is going to take place on 28-31 May 2020, in the Center for Advanced Studies of Dubrovnik, Croatia, located by the Adriatic sea at the foot of the old city of Dubrovnik (Croatia), a UNESCO world heritage site.

Invited speakers

Carlos Crivelli
(De Montfort University, UK)

Guillaume Dezecache
(Université Clermont Auvergne, France)

Debra Lieberman
(University of Miami, US)

Lawrence Ian Reed
(New York University, US)

Disa Sauter
(University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Daniel Sznycer
(University of Montreal, Canada)

Yang Wu
(Stanford University, US)

We invite poster submissions from all areas of cognitive science.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Dubrovnik!

Johannes Mahr - programme chair
Denis Tatone - programme chair
Gergely Csibra - president of CECOG
Kriszti Andrási - organiser
Georgina Török - organiser
Paula Fischer - organiser
Francesca Bonalumi - organiser
Barbu Revencu - organiser
Laura Schlingloff - organiser
Bálint Varga - organiser
Réka Schvajda - organiser