The Central European Cognitive Science Association (CECOG) is a civil association established to foster cooperation of research and teaching in the field of cognitive science in Central Europe. 'Central Europe' is taken in both its geographic sense and its broadest interpretation in the intellectual domain, but the activities of the association are not restricted in either sense. The main activity of the association is the organization of the yearly DUCOG conference series, sharing graduate training information, and promoting summer schools.

Cognitive science, as the interdisciplinary study of cognition, has become one of the central integrating disciplines both in Europe and in the U.S. during the last decades. Generally, it promises to provide an overall view of cognition and offer foundations for its application. By combining the notions and methods of psychology, neuroscience and biology, philosophy, mathematics, computer science, and social sciences including linguistics, anthropology, and economics, it keeps alive the vision that the infamous two cultures divide can be overcome.

CECOG was founded in 2006 by

Csaba Pléh (then Budapest University of Technology and Economics, now at Central European University, Budapest-Vienna), who acted as the first president of the association,

Ilona Kovács (then Budapest University of Technology and Economics, now at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest), and

Melita Kovačević (University of Zagreb).

Since 2016, the president of the association is Gergely Csibra (Central European University).

The secretaries of the association are Georgina Török (CEU) and Krisztina Andrási (ELTE).

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